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Importance of Precious and Semi precious stones in our Life

Stone therapy has now been accepted and applied all over the world.The hindi word "RATNA" means anything which is precious because of its quality or special property.
Our Universe ( Galaxy / Milky way ) is mainly headed by the Planet "SUN",which is positioned in the center. And all other planets are moving around Sun. There are seven colors in Sun rays and these seven colors also presents seven planets.
The positive or negative impact on wearing Gem stones is based on the sun rays travelling from Sun to the Earth  and to our body through these stones.
These stones, if found favourable as per planet's position in our horoscope, are indeed playing an important role in changing our life style and also improving our prosperity.
This stone therapy is supporting to have balance five elements in our body
( Sky,Earth,Water,Air and Light) and to improve our positive energy.

Proper benefits of this stone therapy is based on-

a) Selection of right stone according to planet position in Horoscope.
b) The quality of stone with respect to its color,transparency and hardness.
c) Applying proper procedure with respect to suitable day, suitable finger and correct method      etc.
d) Deep faith and trust is must.

www.shreepadgems.com is trusted web portal for providing best quality and best competitive prices for our valued customers.Providing certificates for quality of gem stone is also possible by us if desired.However Gem stone if found beneficial after wearing,means the stone and its quality suits that person.We advise to have right guidance from a good astrologer for right selection of stone.
Apart from Gem stones,we are also dealing with various malas for Japs and Crystal and Parad   (Mercury)Idols of Devis and Devatas. 



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